Villa Colonna’s Travel Agency Concierge

Design Your Dream Adventure in Ecuador

Villa Colonna’s Travel Agency Concierge will help you design unforgettable memories

Let Villa Colonna host and guide you on your next extrordinary adventure

Fall in Love with Ecuador

Our Travel Agency Concierge is dedicated to guests of Villa Colonna who have a taste for exotic flavors, eye-opening adventures, and restful relaxation. We invite you to stay with us for exhilarating excursions, delicious dinners, and high-class hospitality.

Imagine the bliss of leaving in the morning in a private car after a fresh, nourishing breakfast. Your guide and driver speaks fluent English, and accompanies you every day of the week as you experience a personalized, pre-designed program, specially tailored to your desires, the days of the markets, museum openings and local events.

Take in the sights and sounds of the city, and delight in the natural wonders around Quito. You can enjoy everything from a luncheon picnic with champagne and caviar, to fly-fishing, to horseback riding, to mountain biking, to helicopter rides around the city – the sky is the limit.

After a day full of movement, discovery, and majesty, you return again to the respite of your luxurious suite, or head up to the rooftop terrace for a cocktail with an incomparable view. You might stroll through the historic town to whet your appetite, or keep the chef company as he prepares the evening’s menu and jot down his secrets.

How We Serve You

Unforgettable journeys are made of moments of strong emotions, real encounters, and unexpected discoveries we cherish. We created this concept for our guests to rediscover the taste for travel in style – an invitation for you to put down your suitcases and take time to live deeply. Villa Colonna’s Travel Agency Concierge allows you to create your trip to Ecuador according to your vision, with the help of our attentive and personalized services. During your stay at the hotel, we are permanently available on-site, from breakfast to dinner, to enable your most esteemed experience visiting Ecuador.

Take advantage of our Travel Agency Concierge to relax, savor and explore to your heart’s content. Revel in Quito’s must-see attractions and get off the beaten track. Reserve your suite so we can help you create the ultimate Ecuadorian getaway.

Personalized Itineraries

We offer a variety of unique touristic recommendations and carefully plan each day of your stay, whether you are looking to mingle with locals, or fly high in a plane or helicopter over a valley of volcanoes. We are the only hotel in Quito organizing fully customized packages for you and your loved ones, catering our distinctive sightseeing savoir-faire to your wishes. From testing local foods in the markets, or a champagne picnic in the Andean Paramo, we are at your side to make your trip a joy.

Gourmet Breakfast & Dinners

In addition to daily complimentary royal breakfast, Villa Colonna can also provide three-course gourmet dinners every evening of your stay at Villa Colonna. Our chef Christopher will wow you every night of the week as you sip and savor a variety of local wines and dishes.

Private Transport & Tour Guide

Our bilingual Guide Partners are experienced, knowledgeable escorts. Your selected guide provide transport to and from the airport in a private car or minibus, as well as accompany you throughout your journeys during your stay.

50+ Club Discovery Week


per couple, per week

Pricing does not include the cost of tours, or service and tax fees.

The 50+ Club Discovery Week caters to travelers who have the means and the time to explore Ecuador in style.This is an all-inclusive package of accommodation and dining to be booked in advance of your couple or group’s week-long customized tour, and provide the ideal vacation situation to enrich your tour and travel experience.

Contact our Travel Agency Concierge so we can begin to develop your personalized tours with you, and ensure you’ll enjoy each day of travel. Everyone in the hotel will provide their upmost attention to create the best stay to match your spectacular tours.

With the 50+ Club Discovery Week, you’ll receive:

  • Seven nights in a luxury suite in Villa Colonna
  • Gourmet Dinners each night of your stay
  • Royal Breakfast during each day of your stay

This offer is exclusively available to guests of Villa Colonna who reserve week-long visits from Tuesday to Tuesday for logistical reasons. Contact us for more information.

Inspire Your Adventure

Quito is at the center of all the fantastic excursions in this Ecuador. Leave your baggage in your suite – each day venturing in a new direction to discover fabulous landscapes, picturesque markets and amazing places. Villa Colonna’s Travel Agency Concierge and our guides are committed to making this unique human experience possible, and allowing you to enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind, around Quito and beyond.

Reserve Today

We would love to host and guide you during your stay in Ecuador. Reserve your luxury suite today and let us organize the excursion of your dreams! For more information, please contact us.