Villa Colonna’s Gourmet Kitchen

Homemade Local Delicacies

Fresh from our Gourmet Kitchen

Our chef caters to you with local and organic ingredients

At Villa Collonna we take pride in our food, sourcing only the finest ingredients. Our chefs add their own creative, professional flair to traditional Ecuadorian dishes, allowing you to savor the flavors of Ecuador from the comfort of Villa Colonna’s gourmet kitchen and exquisite dining room.

Our Royal Breakfast is complimentary, and includes guest favorites like fresh bread and pastries. We also provide three-course menus for dinner with Ecuadorian wines, which may be reserved in advance for up to 8 guests.

Throughout the day our self-service coffee and tea station is always available to guests. Here, you can find a rotating selection of delightful (and sometimes decadent!) pâtisseries and sweets. A wonderful afternoon pick-me-up to try is our house blend of Ecuadorian Guayusa. This light herbal tea is native to Amazonia, and is known for being extremely rich in antioxidants.

Our friendly and knowledgeable chefs can tell you more about local delicacies, or even teach you to make chocolate from world-class Ecuadorian cocoa beans.

Royal Breakfast

Every morning guests can enjoy a lovely complimentary breakfast, made with local organic ingredients, that will tempt the most discerning palate.

Our breakfast hosts a wide array of options, typically including crêpes, omelets, fresh fruits and juices and hot-out-of-the-oven breads and pastries. Our Ecuadorian coffee is organic, flavorful and aromatic, and we also provide a selection of a selection of premium, organic teas.

With advanced notice, it will be our pleasure to accommodate any special dietary requirements. If your travel plans require an earlier departure, we can accommodate this as well.

Chocolate & Cooking Lessons

Ask the chef for a class on chocolate-making, ceviche preparation or any other traditional dish in our gourmet kitchen.

Ecuador’s cocoa is reputed to be one of the best in the world. It is therefore inevitable that Villa Colonna Quito celebrates this extraordinary product for your greatest pleasure. You can learn with our chefs how to make delicious fine chocolate from a cocoa base. 

The Process

  • The cocoa tree produces a fruit called the cocoa pod, a berry containing 15-40 seeds, or beans.
  • The pod flowers and ripens for 5 months, then is harvested, so the seeds can be extracted.
  • The seeds are then left to ferment at around 50°C, which allows the cocoa aromas to develop. They turn brown and become beans.
  • The beans are dried, roasted, and ground, from which the cocoa mass (50% cocoa butter) is obtained. This paste is mixed with sugar.
  • Finally, the chocolate goes through the tempering process. After tempering, our chef uses his fine culinary skills and imagination to create delicacies that make us melt!
Chocolate History

Among the Maya, cocoa was used mainly during religious ceremonies. The Aztecs spread the bean as they expanded their civilization to other regions of Mexico. We can archeologically trace the presence of cocoa trees in the Amazon up to 5000 years ago.

Three-Course Dinners

Our chef Christopher will wow you any night of the week from our gourmet kitchen as you sip and savor a variety of local wines and dishes.

Enjoy an evening of gastronomic pleasure at our host table, a time to share your travel impressions with other guests.

Dinners start at $45/per guest and can be scheduled in advance. A luxurious dinner will pamper and delight your tastebuds, making the perfect addition to your relaxing visit at Villa Colonna.

Sample Dinner Menus

Our restaurant invites guests to discover traditional Ecuadorian cuisine reinvented through Christopher’s artistic explorations. From the Pacific Ocean to the confines of the Amazon, via the altiplano and the Andean Paramo, a multitude of microclimates and biotopes favor a diversity of local products. We try to use a maximum of organic products, and welcome vegetarian and vegan people. Every day seasonal products inspire a new menu, and our two talented young chefs take the opportunity to harmonize an array flavors in our gourmet kitchen.

We have a very nice collection of Ecuadorian wines that will amaze you with their qualities, as well as Ecuadorian beers and spirits for a comprehensive overview of national delicacies.

Surf, Turf & Citrus

  • Cebiche Jipi-Japa peanut butter based, wahoo, avocado
  • Sirloin Steak Andean pure, glazed cosmic vegetables
  • Tangerine Cheesecake cacao streusel, mortiño coulis, cooked mousse

Field, Sea & Forest

  • Llapingacho fried mashed potato, pulled pork, beetroot pickles, avocado purée
  • Butter-glazed Sea Bass Andean herbs, mashed potato, glazed cosmic vegetables
  • Chocolate Soufflé made with 60% high quality Ecuadorian chocolate

Decadent Spice

  • Causa mashed potato with yellow pepper base, olive mayonnaise, shrimp
  • Pork Belly Andean mushroom sauce, cauliflower pure, glazed cosmic vegetables
  • Spice Cake yogurt foam with roses, wild berries ice-cream

Fresh & Authentic

  • Locro de Papa potato-based soup, avocado, cheese
  • Sea bass al Pastor vichyssoise sauce, grilled pineapple, glazed cosmic vegetables
  • Cacao Cake chocolate sorbet, haba tonka foam, orange peel purée

Creative Comforts

  • Manaba Cheese Croquettes sal prieta foam, fried bananas
  • Sirloin Steak prawn, andean chimichurri, mushroom risotto
  • Dehydrated Rose Candy cacao streusel, roses ice-cream, mortiño coulis

Ecua-Euro Fusion

  • Salsa Brava Prawns vol-au-vent, lemon air
  • Lamb Stew potato millefeuille, glazed cosmic vegetables
  • Tiramisu made with Ecuadorian coffee
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  • Blue corn empanada filled with ají de gallina, onion and pepper pickles
  • Duck magret cacao butter based mashed potato, wild berries sauce, glazed cosmic vegetables
  • Spice cake grilled pumpkin, pumpkin mousse, cinnamon ice-cream
  • Cooked broad bean corn and Andean cheese
  • Seco de Pollo Slowly cooked chicken stew, with potatoes, rice, avocado and house salad
  • Chocolate cake 60% cacao
  • Mote Pillo seasoned hominy corn with scrambled eggs
  • Chugchucara deep fried pork, boiled hominy, potatoes, fried plantains, empanadas, and pork rinds
  • Arroz con leche decadent rice pudding
  • Empanada de morocho fried corn hand pie with meat and vegetable filling
  • Churrasco skirt steak, fried egg, rice and french fries, green salad
  • Tamarillo Cheesecake

[Dinner] was delicious, reasonable, convenient, and a great evening.”
– JJSkis (TripAdvisor)

Breakfast was superb and was ready at whatever time best suited our days activities.”
– Cheryl G. (TripAdvisor)

Be Our Guest

We humbly encourage you take in the abundant experience that is out-of-the-ordinary travel. With creativity and pleasure, we invite our guests to spend their evenings at Villa Colonna around an old French table, enjoying good food from our gourmet kitchen, wine and conversation.