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After years of receiving guests from all over the world, we have had extraordinary opportunities to meet a network of prestigious families, famous artists and fascinating personalities. No matter their background or story, many of our guests have expressed their wish to stay longer than two or three days at Villa Colonna, so they might have more time to explore Quito and its surrounding countryside!

Quito is a city full of authenticity and history. We want to help our guests enjoy and discover all the city has to offer, going beyond the typical tourist destinations and deeper into Quito’s captivating charms and culture.

What’s more, Quito is surrounded by magnificent landscapes. Just outside the city, you’ll find the highest active volcanoes in the world, breathtaking walks on ancient indigenous trails, and soothing hot springs in the Andes.

Villa Colonna’s Travel Agency Concierge

At Villa Colonna, we pull out all the stops for every occasion, and dedicate ourselves to designing fantastic journeys of adventure and exquisite luxury for our guests. We create all-inclusive experiences for our guests with gourmet dinners, airport transfer, plus a private car and bilingual tour guide to show you all the sights. We’ll create a customized, week-long exploration of Quito and its surrounding natural wonders just for you.

Cultural Excursions in Quito

Sights to see in and around Quito’s City Center

  • Compañia de Jesús Jesuit Church
  • El Panecillo
  • Convent of San Francisco
  • San Fransisco Square
  • Church and Monastery of St. Francis
  • Parque Itchimbía
  • Presidential Palace
  • La Ronda
  • Basílica
  • Museum Guayasamin
  • Museo de Arte Precolombino Casa del Alabado

Adventure Tours Information

It’s our desire to help you spend the day experiencing breath-taking adventure tours and creating unforgettable memories. In order to give our guests the best experience possible as they discover the wonders in and around Quito, we became a licensed Tour Operator. After your days out adventuring, you can return to the comforts of Villa Colonna and settle in with complete ease. You will find that our tour packages boast an incredible value in both price and quality.

Expert Local Knowledge

You can trust our recommendations as people who know Quito by heart. We are here to help you reap all the benefits of our experience and make the most of your stay.

Our Guide Partners are experienced, quality escorts who add pleasant company to your journey. They know every corner of all these areas to discover and highlight adventures according to your aspirations.

Our Day Tours are designed to include to the best sights and attractions on any given day of the week, so you’ll never show up to the museum or market only to find it closed.

Personalized Packages

What goes your dream vacation in Quito look like? Would you enjoy a picnic with champagne and caviar, or a spa treatment at the end of a long day hiking?

We are the only hotel providing private Day Tours which can be organized à la carte depending on the weather, local festivities or special interest. We offer fully customized packages cater to your desires and adapt our distinctive sightseeing savoir-faire to your wishes. From fly-fishing, to horseback riding, to mountain biking, to helicopter rides around the city, the sky is the limit.

All-Inclusive Immersion

Once we drop off your suitcases in one of our luxurious suites, you can truly settle in and relax. Every morning of your stay, your guide picks you up after a fresh and flavorful breakfast.

Our all-inclusive programs allow you to wander and explore in total comfort and rapture. Without having to pack, unpack, and pack up again, you can fully enjoy the beauty around you, at the center of all that is to be discovered.

Natural Wonders near Quito

Adventure tours in nature around Ecuador’s Capital

  • Otavalo Market
  • Cyambe Volcano
  • Cotacachi Village
  • Sigchos Road
  • Illinizas Mountains
  • Quilotoa Crater
  • Saquisili Market
  • Zumbahua
  • Pululahua Crater
  • Mindo Cloud Forest
  • Cotopaxi Volcano National Park
  • Antisana Volcano National Park
  • Pichincha Volcano
  • Papallacta Hot Thermal Waters

Create Your Adventure Tours

Once your suite reservation is confirmed, we will contact you to further customize your adventure. For more information, please contact us.

Tour Packages

À la Carte Day Tours


per couple, per day

  • Private car transport
  • Customized tour itinerary
  • Complimentary Royal Breakfast
  • Bilingual local tour guide

50+ Club


per couple, per week

  • Private car transport
  • Three-course gourmet dinners each night of your stay
  • Airport transfer to and from Hotel Villa Colonna
  • Discover the rich cultural history in urban Quito
  • Explore surrounding natural landmarks, National Parks, farms and hot springs
  • Complimentary Royal Breakfast during each day of your stay
  • Bilingual local tour guide

Historical Center Walking Tour


per couple

  • Explore Quito’s Historical Center
  • Complimentary Royal Breakfast
  • Bilingual local tour guide

Adventure Tours can be purchased when reserving your suite at Hotel Villa Colonna. Once your reservation is confirmed, we will contact you to organize your personal tour. For more information, please contact us.

Savor & Digest

Our kitchen is run by wonderful chefs who put their personal, professional touch to Ecuadorian cuisine. At Villa Colonna, our chefs elevate and enhance local products with their creative flair. You can learn even more about Ecuadoran cuisine by visiting them during meal preparation, or schedule a time with them to prepare exquisite chocolates by hand from top-quality Ecuadorian cocoa.

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