Spa Treatments Menu

At Villa Colonna, we offer relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatments and services in-house to our guests. Below, you can find the options available, from massages to facials and more. All spa treatments must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance. Please contact us to reserve your spa treatment today!

Spa Treatments Menu


SAMARRITO (60 minutes) approx. $90
Free yourself of tension, retrieve your body’s harmony: this massage combines natural essential oils from the area.

ERMITANIUM (60 minutes) approx. $90
Relax your muscles, revive yourself: this massage concentrates on stretching and flexing your muscles, relieving them of tension.

FAIRY (30 minutes) approx. $60
Calm your stress. This massage gives you a feeling of wellbeing and harmony, combining flavors and essences that relax your senses.

GEOTHERAPY (60 minutes) approx. $100
Awaken your senses and revive your energy levels: this massage with hot stones and essential natural oils balances your body’s energy points and channels, leaving you utterly relaxed.

CHOCOTHERAPY (60 minutes) approx. $80
Feel the authentic Ecuadorian Chocolate all over your skin and let yourself go with the sweet fragrances of cacao. Relax your body and senses, your skin will be hydrated and irresistible with Choco aroma.

POULTICE PEACE (60 minutes) approx. $100
This massage, using natural herbs from the area wrapped in a warm, moist cloth, is a wonderful tension-reliever and relaxant.

BAMBU (60 minutes) approx. $50
Detoxify your body, activate the bloody circulation and experiment the benefits of bamboo and specials oils.


ORCHID (60 minutes) approx. $80
Renew your skin: this facial revives and refreshes the skin with collagen veil for different skins types.

GERANIUM (60 minutes) approx. $80
This treatment nourishes hydrates and oxygenates your skin with natural fruit extracts.

DAISY FLOWER (60 minutes) approx. $60
Hydrates and softens your skin with smooth chocolate.


PASSION FRUIT (30 minutes) approx. $50
This treatment using natural fruits will leave your skin like new.

SALTS (30 minutes) approx. $50
By improving blood circulation and oxygenating the skin with mineral salts, this treatment will leave it smooth, shiny and full of life.

Body Wraps

CHOCOLATE (30 minutes) approx. $60
This delightful chocolate mask hydrates and moisturizes your skin, leaving it fresh and with a wonderful aroma.

CLAY (30 minutes) approx. $60
This wrap detoxes your skin to bring out your skin’s vitality and shine.

Reserve your Treatment

If something on our Spa Treatment Menu interests you, please contact us so we can reserve your treatment at least 24 hours in advance. Payment for spa treatments will be made on-site at the hotel.